Professor Ian Brighthope Discussed His Support To Naturopathy

Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals proudly sponsors the Australian Naturopathic Summit (ANS) 2018 and our founder, Professor Ian Brighthope spoke to ANS about why he thinks that “being pretty stubborn” is vital to naturopathy. 


Event Details: 

The Australian Naturopathic Summit 2018 – On Common Ground (ANS 2018) is an independent and professional conference representing and celebrating naturopathic medicine. The conference is aimed at naturopathic professionals and those with an interest in naturopathic medicine.

ANS 2018 will be held from Friday 24 August to Sunday 26 August 2018, located at Lennox Head Community and Cultural Centre, 1 Mackney Lane, Lennox Head, NSW. 

Head to the event website for more information and to reserve your ticket.