Nutrition Care Announces Partnership With Priceline Pharmacy

We are very proud to announce that Nutrition Care signed a strategic contract with Priceline Pharmacy, Australia’s leading health and beauty retailer. According to contract, which was signed on Thursday 23rd of August 2018 at the Headquarter of Priceline Pharmacy, a diversified range of Nutrition Care’s retail products (NC) will be available in Priceline outlets by mid-September.

Our NC retail range is based on the 40 years of brand heritage and research development of Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals.  Through the partnership with Priceline Pharmacy, our premium-grade supplements become more accessible to end-consumers and improve people’s wellbeing,’ said Professor Ian Brighthope, founder of Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals.   

 ‘This exciting partnership is important for both parties.  It highlights the growing consumer demand for high-quality, professional supplements like Nutrition Care, and such demand will be supported by 400 Priceline outlets across Australia,’ said David Ginsberg, Head of Purchasing of Priceline Pharmacy. 

Starting from September, Nutrition Care will increase our production capacity and roll out its retail NC products to an expanded stockist. The retail strategy aims to seize the new opportunities in the Australian market, and our hero product, NC Gut Relief, will be available in Priceline Pharmacy very soon.  

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    Our retail product range is available throughout all Priceline Australia stores and approved Health Food Centres. Find and consult a Naturopath for our Practitioner range.

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