How does red meat affect my gut health?

Large intakes of red meat can affect the health of your kidneys, liver, heart and gut. 

Research shows that it’s good to avoid excessive consumption of red meat because the processed ingredients have been linked to cardiovascular disease and bowel cancer. The high saturation of fat and cholesterol in red meat has been proven to increase the risk of heart disease, and N-nitroso chemicals have been shown to damage the lining of the bowel.

Try to stick to the recommended serving of red meat each week. Otherwise you might experience gout attacks, indigestion and bloating. 

The digestion of meat rich meals takes the body 8-12 hours to process. That’s at least two hours and a whole lot more effort than the average meal takes. A reduction in your red meat intake can alleviate heartburn, a bloated stomach, and prevent stomach cramps.

Eat less processed meat

Processed meats like salami, bacon and hot dogs (frankfurts) have been strongly linked to cancer. The added chemical ingredients that enhance taste and shelf life are not so good for your health.

If you limit the amount of processed meat in your diet, you’ll encourage the good bacteria in your gut to flourish. You’ll also be minimising the intake of damaging N-nitroso chemicals. This will benefit overall bowel health, and help you to steer clear of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Look for ways to replace processed meat with healthier, low fat meat cuts. Check that your meat portion sizes are moderate. Try tasty alternatives like chicken, mushroom or eggplant that can replenish the Vitamin B12 and iron that you’d otherwise find in red meat.

Cook meat free meals

See what it’s like to replace a meal a day with a vegetarian or vegan substitute. This simple step can improve your gut health and reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. Foods that are rich in vitamin B12 and iron are natural remedies for indigestion and gut discomfort. 

There is a range of non-meat foods that can support you to meet your daily protein requirements. Eggs, nuts and seeds are healthy diet ingredients that improve gut health. These protein sources deliver bonus rewards like increased energy and healthy fat components.

Plan your weekly meals

Many food groups contribute to poor gut health. But the connection between gut health and red meat consumption has certainly captured the interests of researchers who have proven the links. We now understand well how gut health is affected by excessive red meat intake.

You can take positive steps to better balance your gut health by planning your weekly meals.

Shop for a range of ingredients that will support a balanced diet. Introduce a few vegetarian menu options to break up heavy meat dishes throughout the week. Meat Free Monday could be a fun tradition to bring to your kitchen table. With just a little effort you can prevent symptoms of bloating, gas, indigestion and improve overall gastrointestinal health.

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Drink more water

On the days that you eat meat it is a good idea to boost your water intake to aid digestion. Have a few extra glasses to keep your system well hydrated. This will help your body to process meat more efficiently, with less effort and discomfort. 

Room temperature is more effective than cold water to aid hydration and digestion, especially when you’ve eaten rich foods like red meat. 

If you drink cold water the body requires extra time and additional energy to warm the water before it can even get to work digesting your food. Consuming room temperature water also decreases bloating because the body, and your gut in particular, can hop straight to the job of processing food without distraction or reaction.

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