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Past events

  • Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals proudly supports the face-to-face training organized by ACNEM – providing training and education for healthcare professionals. 

    Go to the ACNEM website for more information!  

  • Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals is proud to sponsor the NIIM 5th Annual Symposium “Integrative Medicine – The Art & Science”.  

    More details will be revealed at NIIM website soon! 

  • Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals is a proud sponsor of Lifestyle Medicine 2018 Conference. 

    Go to the website to register and get more details! 

  • Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals proudly sponsors the ANS 2018 – supporting unbiased naturopathic education. 

    Head to the website www.ans2018.com.au for more information and to reserve your ticket.


  • Mastering Mental Health: New assessment and management resources in your clinic