Nutrition Care’s purpose built, state of the art manufacturing facility in Melbourne Australia, supplies vitamins, minerals, food supplements and herbal medicines to customers and distributors all over the world. Our manufacturing plant maintains the highest international quality standards and is licensed with  Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) & Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). 

1 RAW MATERIAL RECEIVED Nutrition Care only sources from suppliers and manufacturers who comply with our vendor certification program.

2 SAMPLES Raw materials are aseptically sampled and quarantined until the Quality Control (QC) laboratory has tested the material.

3 RAW MATERIAL QC Nutrition Care has its own Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) accredited laboratory staffed by University qualified scientists. All raw materials are tested against compendial monographs (BP, USP, CP etc) for identity, purity and potency. Techniques include FTIR, UV/Vis, AAS, HPLC and GLC as well as wet chemistry techniques.

4 QC APPROVAL After manufacturing, our QC Laboratory tests the manufactured products to ensure they meet specification. Analytical techniques used include AAS, Dissolution, HPLC and GLC.

5 MANUFACTURING Nutrition Care has a TGA Accredited Manufacturing Facility. This ensures that all products comply with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The facility is capable of manufacturing tablet, powder and two-piece hard shell capsules.

6 QC APPROVAL The Quality Assurance (QA) assess the materials after testing to ensure that they meet the required specifications. The materials are then approved for use in manufacturing.

7 PACKAGING The bulk product is approved by QC after manufacturing. The product is then packaged into amber glass bottles to protect the ingredients from the degenerative effects of light.

8 RELEASE FOR SALE The product is checked by the QA department after packaging to ensure that it is ready for sale. The QA department reviews test records, manufacturing and packaging documents. The product is added to the Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) record and undergo which includes post market surveillance activities such as stability programs.