Professor Ian Brighthope


‘My life long dream is to change the way medicine and healthcare are practised for the benefit of the public.’ 










Professor Ian Brighthope is a pioneer of nutritional medicines in Australia who also has a high reputation world wide in medicine and health care industry. He is credited with coining the term ‘integrative medicine’ to define a healthcare philosophy that combines complementary medicines and modern medical practical in optimising patient’s health through diet and the use of nutritional supplements.

He graduated in Agricultural Science in 1965 and completed his clinical studies in 1974 with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. During Professor Brighthope’s early medical practice, he recognised the importance of using optimal nutritional and biochemical supplementation in the treatment and prevention of disease. Therefore, Professor Brighthope developed his own medical clinic in the 1970’s, The Brighthope Clinic and Biocentre which was the first Integrative Medicine Clinic in Australia.

Initially, the health care products developed by Professor Brighthope were used solely in his clinics. He extended his range of products to other health care practitioners in the 1980’s. The demand for Professor Brighthope’s products led eventually to the establishment of Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals in 1978.  

Brighthope Clinic

Professor Ian Brighthope









Professor Brighthope has published extensively and appeared regularly in the media as an advocate of nutritional and environmental health. He is the author of 6 books and editors of different international scientific journals.  Professor Brighthope also founded the College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM) in 1982, which now becomes the peak body in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine in Australia and Asia. In 2007, after stepping down as President of the for over 25 years, Professor Brighthope was honoured with an inaugural ACNEM award to recognize his contribution to health through the research, teaching and practice of nutritional and environmental medicine.

Today, he continues educating health care professionals with a busy teaching schedule in different institutes and universities in Australia. With his innovative ideas, commitment and contribution for four decades, Professor Brighthope has contributed to the health care industry based on his professional experience in nutrition, integrative medicines, agricultural science, and environmental medical science.


‘Nutrition is not “alternative” and not “complementary”. It is a basic requirement of health and central to good medicine.’ – Professor Ian Brighthope