Top 5 Gut Tips for the Silly Season

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As we start to enjoy the many Christmas get togethers, social outings and the consumption of pudding, turkey and a drink or two – it is important to remember your gut health. 

Managing your gut health in this hectic time of year is a very important thing to remember. Our gut microbiome can affect our overall mood, and the consumption of a rich diet during this time can increase the stress on our gut, and our mood.

1. Replace traditional bread rolls for sour dough rolls

Sourdough is made more slowly than modern bread and involves less ingredients. The combination of the flour and water creates a natural yeast and lactobacilli (good bacteria) that makes it easy to digest. This change will reduce any bloating you may get from regular white bread, and even enable you to cheekily have more than one!

2. Consume gut health foods

Ensuring you keep your gut healthy and happy by consuming gut enhancing foods. Ones like pickled vegetables, green peas and Brussel sprouts are high in fibre and aid your digestive system. HOT TIP: The best way to make sure you consume these foods is to include them onto grazing platters. 

3. Avoid overeating 

Putting less on your plate, or consciously remembering that you don’t have to eat everything you put on your plate, will help to avoid overeating. Additionally, by eat slowly, you will enjoy the time with family and friends and avoid the unpleasant symptoms of heartburn, bloating and fullness that sends you to the couch to lay down!. 

4. Drink plenty of water

By reducing the consumption of alcohol will not only diminish bloating, it will reduce the chances of behaviour changes, additionally, reduce the risk of developing serious health issues. Ensuring water is had between alcoholic beverages will not only slow down the negative effects of alcohol, but limit your overall amount of alcohol you intake. 

5. Walk it off – keep moving! 

Try to keep your social outings active. Going for a walk after your catch up may aid reducing bloating after meals. Additionally, walking can bring down glucose levels and lower blood sugar levels. This ultimately helps food pass through your gut quicker.  

christmas, celebration, friends, gut health

Actionable Advice

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