Why Natural Medicine

Nutritional supplements can help maintain health and prevent the onset of disease. Nutritional supplements can offer added “insurance” that one is meeting the daily recommendations of vitamins and minerals needed by the body.

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New Products

BioActive E Complex

Supports the health and function of the cardiovascular system, assists the breakdown of cholesterol into bile acids.

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Cranberry 2:1

Supports urinary tract health, prevents cystitis, alcohol free and a powerful antioxidant which tastes delicious.

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Cranberry Ultra 28,000mg

High antioxidant activity, high PAC content and supports the health of urinary tract and bladder.

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Silymarn Plus

Contains two extracts of Silybum marianum standardised to contain a high dose of the active principles silybin (64.3mg) and silymarin (150mg) per…

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Latest News

Keeping you informed about the latest trends in complementary medicine research.

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Food Detective Treatment Protocol


Easy to use food
intolerance test
with immediate


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Improve the nature of your patient outcomes by better understanding MTHFR and methylation. A seminar for better understanding of MTHFR and methylation with Carolyn Ledowsky  

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